John Fielding

Director of Student Ministries

When I was 20 years old, I worked at a church camp and was given the opportunity to preach for the first time. After a few weeks I started to get a bit more comfortable with it. Soon after, we had a student who had significant special needs. We did the best would could to care for him but, unfortunately, none of us were trained in how to best assist this boy. So, most of our time was spent ensuring he wasn’t distracting anyone else. One day, as I was doing my final preparation to preach, another camp counselor had the brilliant idea to give him some coloring supplies during our chapel service to keep him occupied. It turns out that was exactly what he needed. He came up to me afterward and showed me the cartooned notes that he had taken of everything I had said. Not only was he focus, he comprehended! It was at that moment that I began to feel God calling me to devote my life to students. I desire to give them the tools they need to hear and understand the message of the gospel.

I have been working diligently to be best equipped to accomplish that mission. While working on my undergrad degree in music at The University of Akron, I spent as much time as possible volunteering with student-targeted ministries. Since then, I have completed my seminary studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and guided students with their faith in a variety of different environments. I am most passionate about discipleship: giving students the instruction to live a life of devotion to God now so that they are equipped to continue when they become adults. It is my prayer that each student would know the joy and peace that I have found in a life of faith.